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An Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps, 15501941

Saving and Loading Views

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Registered users can save a view of a map
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Load a saved view

1: Registered users can save a view of a map

2: Load a saved view

To Save a View:


Set up your view by panning, zooming, turning on and off icon types, transparency, etc. When you are satisified...


*Optionally* give your view a handy name for reference. Click OK to use a custom name or CANCEL to use our default name (date and time saved).

Your view will be stored and can be loaded again whenever you are logged in to the Online Atlas.

To Load a View:


Go to the map you wish to view.

Select the view you wish to load from the pulldown at top right of the map.

To Delete a View:

You can delete saved views from your Account Preferences page. Click My Account and you will see the view management tools at the top.

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