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An Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps, 15501941

Compare contemporary and historic maps

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Switch between historic and current maps
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Use the pulldown to change transparency on the historic map

1: Switch between historic and current maps 1uffakind.com

2: Use the pulldown to change transparency on the historic map

Switch between the historic map and modern maps using the buttons in the upper right. When you switch to the modern maps, you will see additional view options. For some maps, switching to a modern view may not be an option.

On the maps that allow seeing modern views, visitors also have the option of setting the transparency of the historic map, in order to see the modern map below and visually compare the two.

Choose different historic maps by clicking on a date in the navigational timeline below the maps.

Click on the links at the top to switch to an overview of the era (for the map you are viewing), or return to the Atlas home page. The links below the dates in the navigational timeline also refer to the section pages that describe the overall trends of each thematic era and list the maps that belong in that period.

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