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An Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps, 15501941

Trade on El Camino Real : 2018

The Camino Real de Tierra Adentro follows the course of the Rio Grande, which was the traditional settlement place for many pre European pueblos from Taos south to the Piro territory. After the first Spanish colonies, and especially after the reconquista of the 1690s, colonial administration in Mexico was eager to settle larger areas under the control of former militia. This resulted in the early Spanish land grants such as Atrisco (1692), Alameda (1710), Elena Gallegos (1716), and Pajarito (1746). This overlay and continuity from pueblo to land grants creates the long-term relationship between traditional communities and the land that makes New Mexico unique today.

A full sized version of this map can be seen at the Gutierrez Hubbell House Historic Site, operated by the Bernalillo County Open Space Division, or at the New Mexico Humanities Council. You may also download a printable handout of this map.

Atlas Citation: [Dornan, Ellen]

Map Credits: New Mexico Humanities Council, in part by a grant from the National Park Foundation through the generous support of The Coca-Cola Company and The Coca-Cola Foundation.

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